Saturday, July 31, 2010

Chills, issue 9

The penultimate issue of Chills (number 9) was published by the BFS in 1996, edited by Peter Coleborn and Simon MacCulloch. Cover price was £3.00/$6.00. Judging by the layout, I had invested in a better inkjet printer; at least the text (single column again) is much cleaner and clearer. Poetry once again was featured. The contents were:

“Better Late” (verse) by Chris Morgan
“The Terrible Lizards” by Rick Kleffel
“Noh Mask” by Anke Kriske
“The Bottom Line” by Ben Leech
“Plague Etiquette” (verse) by Brian Maycock
“Things in Boxes” by “M B”
“The Dark Hem” by D F Lewis
“The Sixth Magician” by Allen Ashley
“One Footfall” (verse) by Andrew Pye

The front cover was by Jim Pitts. Interior (spot) art came from Alan Casey, Frank Forte, Tony Hough and Martin McKenna. For the first time we were unable to include artwork illustrating specific stories.

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