Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Return of the Barbarians!

Swords Against the Millennium, edited by Mike Chinn, was co-published by the Alchemy Press and Saladorth Productions in 2000. The anthology demonstrates that heroic fantasy fits the short story format as well as novel length -- Mike Chinn and I were thinking of Robert E Howard, Jack Vance, Fritz Leiber, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Michael Moorcock... writers and stories of that ilk. To this end, Mike collected together eleven stories (including just two reprints):

"An Embarrassment of Champions" by Chris Morgan
"Manslayer" by Simon R Green *
"The Stages of the God" by Ramsey Campbell *
"The Seventh Sigil" by Cherith Baldry
"Dark Destroyer" by Adrian Cole
"The Taking" by Stan Nicholls
"Demon Slayer" by Pauline E Dungate
"Act of Sacrifice" by Paul Lewis
"To Catch a Thief" by Lisanne Norman
"Nyalis and the Cloud Raiders" by Anne Gay
"The Hunger of the Leaves" by Joel Lane

The cover painting was by Bob Covington, with interior artwork by David Bezzina, Alan Hunter and Jim Pitts.

The Joel Lane story was selected for the year's best anthologies for horror (edited by Stephen Jones) and fantasy (edited by David G Hartwell).

The anthology was published in paperback (£9.95) and as a hardcover, signed and limited to 200 copies (£25.00). The limited edition is signed by all the writers, artists and the editor -- a fabulous book. However, you can still get new copies of this book for £8 and £20 respectively including UK postage (alchemypress@gmail.com) or via Oldhaven Book's Abe Store: just put in the title and away you go. Or click here to go directly to the title.

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