Friday, December 28, 2012

Standard manuscript format

The Alchemy Press requests that submissions are sent using standard manuscipt formatting. Read the details here.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Opening the windows...

A reminder to all you writers looking for a home for your stories: the submission periods for the 2013 Alchemy Press anthologies -- Astrologica, Pulp Heroes 2 and Urban Mythic opens on 1st January and remain open until the end of March 2013. Now is the time to polish off your manuscripts and getting them ready to send them in to your hard-working editors.

We had hoped to secure additional funding in order to pay semi-pro rates for your stories. But alas, the people holding the cheque book didn't think that a series of fantasy anthologies was serious enough. What do they know? Therefore we will only be paying a nominal fee again (as we did this year for Ancient Wonders and Pulp Heroes 1). Check the above links for details.

Sex, Lies & Family Ties -- review

Many thanks to Barry Lillie for allowing us to reproduce his review from Goodreads:

"A dark and gritty tale that focuses upon a handful of days in the life of a teenager in the 1970s and how those few days bring with them change and closure. Well written, compelling and deliciously dark. The sense of betrayal at the end was as sharp as a harridan's tongue. I'd recommend this book even to those not old enough to remember the era as there's very little to alienate a younger reader. The setting may be the '70s but the story and content is still pertinent to society and the coming of age today."