Thursday, July 29, 2010

Chills, issue 6

Issue 6 of Chills was published by the BFS in 1992, and again was edited by Peter Coleborn and Simon MacCulloch. The cover price was £2.00/$4.00. The magazine contained seven stories:

“The Big Ol’ Clown Lady” by Jeffrey Osier. Illustrated by Jeffrey Osier *
“Out Of the Storm” by Rick Kennett. Illustrated by Alan Hunter
“Junctions” by Conrad Williams. Illustrated by Martin McKenna
“Spiritual Radio” by Mark Rainey. Illustrated by Bob Covington
“Lost Child” by D F Lewis
“Shadows” by Richard Coady. Illustrated by Dave Carson
“The Pet Peeve” by Rick Kleffel. Illustrated by Jim Pitts

Note: *Jeffrey Osier’s story was originally published in Grue 11.

The cover was by Allen Koszowski; back cover (illustrating Robert Bloch’s “The Shadow From the Steeple”) was by Jim Pitts. Additional artwork came from Dallas Goffin, Allen Koszowski and Martin McKenna.

The magazine also featured a competition, sponsored by Grafton Books, to win copies of Shadows in the Watchgate by Mike Jefferies and a t-shirt designed by Jefferies. The question was: In which sporting event did Mike Jefferies represent Britain in 1980? In this day of the WWW, answering it is so much easier.

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