Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chills, issue 5

With issue five, the word "Winter" had been dropped from the title. And with this issue, Simon MacCulloch joined the editorial team. "Winter" was dropped because the magazine started to appear in the other seasons and hence was deemed inappropriate. Also, Chills is snappier (and the abbreviation no longer sounded like a London postcode).

Chills 5, edited by Peter Coleborn and Simon MacCulloch was published by the British Fantasy Society in 1991. The cover price was £1.80/$4.00. Eight stories appeared in this issue:

"Black Leather Kites" by Norman Partridge. Illustrated by Bob Covington
"Uncle E and Uncle T" by Roy Bayfield. Illustrated ny Nigel Pennington
"Twilight Shifts" by Phil Emery
"Out of His Mind" by Ken Cowley. Illustrated by Alan Hunter
"In the Arcade" by Lisa Tuttle. Illustrated by Bob Covington
"Come With Me" by Conrad Williams. Illustrated by Dallas Goffin
"My Giddy Aunt" by D F Lewis. Illustrated by Sylvia Starshine
"The Real Wolf" by Thomas Ligotti. Illustrated by Jim Pitts

The cover illustration was by Charles Dougherty and designed by Nigel Pennington (who also designed the logo). Additional artwork was by Alan Hunter and Nigel Pennington. The back cover illustration was for H P Lovecraft's "The Haunter of the Dark" by Jim Pitts.

Note: "In the Arcade" originally appeared in Amazing Science Fiction, 1978. "The Real Wolf" first appeared in Nocturne 1, 1988.


  1. Very pleased with my publication in this mag. It opened doors for me in Year's Best Horror and a wonderful illustration (by Sylvia Starshine?) for MY GIDDY AUNT.
    The ? above is because I no longer own any of my many hundred contributor copies.
    df lewis

  2. And I was very glad to have you onboard, Des. Alas, I don't think I have any spare copies, either. In fact I had to buy from a bookdealer a copiy of issue 3.
    --- Peter