Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Kneeling in the Silver Light: new anthology announced

Editor Dean M Drinkel (Phobophobia  - Dark Continents Press; The Demonologia Biblica - Western Legends Press; Cities of Death - Static Movement) and Alchemy Press present Kneeling In The Silver Light: Stories From The Great War - a horror / dark fantasy anthology commemorating the 100 year centenary of the outbreak of the Great War (World War One) - to be published: 28th July 2014.

We are looking for the very best stories set in / during / around the Great War. Originality is key and we are not particularly looking for run-of-the-mill war stories, though tales can be set on European battlefields, trenches, war-rooms, etc, etc. As a “heads up”: whilst we will accept Zombie / Vampire / Ghost stories, these need to be original in style and must have the “wow” factor. Make them stand out!

We are also very keen in reading stories from non-English writers (so looking for French, German, Italian writers) but stories must be written in English. Fully realised characters are a must and solid plots extremely desirable.

We are seeking original fiction: reprints only accepted by agreement with the editor. No simultaneous or multiple submissions. Contributions between 3,000 and 6,000 words (firm). Submission period runs from 1 August to 1 December 2013. Do not submit outside of those dates.

Give your story a head start by reading both these guidelines and the Alchemy Press style-guide. Electronic submissions only, sent as email attachments in standard manuscript format (rtf, doc or docx). Email subject line should take the form Title/ Author’s Name/ Word count (i.e. My Great Story/John Doe/5,000 words). Submissions included in the body of the email, or without the correct subject header, may be rejected unread. Full contact details must be included on the mss front/ first page.

Please avoid fiction aimed at the YA reader.

No acceptances or rejections will be made until after the deadline, and we will endeavour to report back to you six to eight weeks after that. If you have heard nothing after nine weeks you may query at the email address. All style and submission guidelines are absolute. Accepted submissions may be edited (with the author’s approval).

Kneeling in the Silver Light: Stories From The Great War will be a paperback edition published in 2014, to be followed by an ebook edition. Successful contributors will receive a nominal fee of £10 minimum, royalties. plus a copy of the book on publication.

Send all submissions and correspondence to Dean M Drinkel at


  1. Hi - looking forward to reading all the stories
    Good luck everybody

  2. I just finished writing a WWI story! It's only around 2000 words at the moment though...back under the pen it is!

  3. Dear Editor Drinkel,
    I am writing to see if submissions will be accepted if received by midnight Dec 1 Eastern Standard Time (Boston, USA).
    Thanks, JWD

    1. Hi John -- I've forwarded your query to Dean. In the meantime, send in your manuscript. Also, please note that this blog has been replace by this: