Monday, February 25, 2013

Sex, Lies... five star review

Sex, Lies and Family Ties by Sarah J Graham has received a five star review by Jenny Barber on Goodreads:

“On the face of it this is not a cheerful book to read, as the tragedy of the lead's childhood experiences are slowly revealed and accentuated by the troubled lives of her friends. However Carol refuses to let any of that break her and throughout the darkness there is a stubborn thread of hope that brightens the way as she overcomes both the physical threats directed at her and the more pervasive societal pressures that try to entangle both her and her friends.

There are deft moments of humour in the story, and definitely a giggle to be had at some of the 70's slang (especially if you're too young to have been born at the time!) and Carol makes for the kind of enthralling protagonist that you can't help but root for to the extent that when the book finishes, there's the immediate desire to know what happened to her next, and that's always the sign of a great story well told.

Highly recommended!”

Sex, Lies and Family Ties is available in printed and eBook formats from Amazon and other online dealers.

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