Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pulp Heroes now on Kindle

The Alchemy Press Book of Pulp Heroes, edited by Mike Chinn, is now available from the Kindle store on Amazon at $4.99 or equivalent. I can supply an ePub version, as well -- simply contact the alchemypress[at] A printed/paper copy is also available from Amazon and other online dealers.

To remind you, Pulp Heroes includes choice stories that take you to pulp worlds and heroic realms:

Mike Resnick – Origins
Robert William Iveniuk – House Name
Anne Nicholls – Eyes of Day, Eyes of Night
William Meikle – Ripples in the Ether
Chris Iovenko – The Perfect Murder
Bracken N MacLeod – Ivy's Secret Origin
Joshua Wolf – Crossing the Line
James Hartley – Jean Marie
Ian Gregory – Currier Dread and the Hair of Destruction
Amber L Husbands – The Going Rate
Michael Haynes – No Way but the Hard Way
Adrian Cole – The Vogue Prince
Joel Lane – Upon a Granite Wind
Milo James Fowler – The Last Laugh
Allen Ashley – In the Margins
Peter Crowther – Heroes and Villains
Peter Atkins – The Return of Boy Justice

Cover painting by Bob Covington

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