Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ancient Wonders now on Kindle

The Alchemy Press Book of Ancient Wonders, edited by Jan Edwards and Jenny Barber, has made it to the Kindle store on Amazon at $4.99 or equivalent. I can supply an ePub version as well -- simply contact the alchemypress[at]gmail.com. A printed/paper copy is also available from Amazon and other online dealers.

To remind you, Ancient Wonders includes 14 choice stories (plus an introduction by Kari Sperring) that take you to wondrous realms in fantasy fiction:

Adrian Tchaikovsky – Bones
James Brogden – If Street
Shannon Connor Winward - Passage
Pauline E. Dungate – One Man’s Folly
Anne Nicholls - Dragonsbridge
Peter Crowther – Gandalph Cohen and the Land at the End of the Working Day
Misha Herwin – The Satan Stones
Lynn M. Cochrane – Ringfenced
Bryn Fortey – Ithica or Bust
Adrian Cole – The Sound of Distant Gunfire
William Meikle – The Cauldron of Camulos
John Howard – Time and the City
Selina Lock – The Great and Powerful
Aliette de Bodard - Ys

Cover by Dominic Harman

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