Saturday, January 5, 2013

A tip for (new) writers

The Alchemy Press is currently accepting submissions for three anthologies: Astrologica, Pulp Heroes 2 and Urban Mythic. Check via the above tabs for submission guidelines. You'll note that each anthology has its own editors -- who are named -- and their own email addresses.

Here's the tip: when you send in your sub, address your email to the editors by name, or at least as Dear Editor. Then write something like: "I wish to submit my story (title) for possible inclusion in your anthology. Please see the attached file."

These words are not definitive. However, we have received some submissions without the simple salutation and even some without any kind of covering letter. You wouldn't send a manuscript to Gollancz or Tor in such an unthinking manner, so please extend the courtesy to us.


  1. Hello. I notice you don't want simultaneous submissions, but does that only apply per anthology? So if I try one for Astrologica, then have a sudden burst of inspiration for Pulp Heroes and have a go there too, is this allowed? Just so I know for reference! Thanks, Mike

  2. You may submit to any or all the anthologies, should you wish (but not the same story, of course).