Sunday, February 7, 2010

Winter Chills 2

The second issue of Winter Chills also appeared in 1987 – just in time for Christmas. WC2 was number 12 in the BFS booklet series. The cover price was £1.00/ $3.00. And meanwhile, the Stephen Jones & David Sutton produced Fantasy Tales was seeing its tenth anniversary.

A quick comment about fanzine production. I was using a daisy wheel electronic typewriter at the time -- no internal memory, no cut and paste with clicks of a mouse, no easy layouts. The titles were all created with Letraset, and put together with scissors and glue. Things are so much easier now.

Winter Chills 2. Edited by Peter Coleborn. Published by the British Fantasy Society © 1987

“The Wishing Ball” by Stephen Gallagher. Illustrated by Alan Hunter
“Call to Me, Call to Me” by Alan W Lear. Illustrated by Stephen Jones
“Thanksgiving Dinner” by Mike Chinn. Illustrated by Dallas Goffin
“The Void Within His Head” by Peter A Hough. Illustrated by Allen Koszowski
“A Man Between Two Worlds” by Gilles Bergal. Illustrated by Alan Hunter
“The Doll” by Guy N Smith. Illustrated by Jim Pitts
“The Miracle Man” by Paul Roland. Illustrated by Martin McKenna

Front cover illustration by Dave Carson. Additional artwork by Peter Coleborn, Jim Garrison and Dallas Goffin.

Note: “A Man Between Two Worlds” was translated from the French by Stephen Gallagher. It was originally published in Creatures des Tenebres by Gilles Bergal (1985)

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